Workplace Environment

Nike World Headquarters
Portland, OR
Dan Fouts Building
The Dan Fouts building was the first of the legacy buildings on the Nike campus to undergo a full remodel. This building remodel set the tone and brand direction for the legacy remodels to come. The first floor, open to the public, was completely dedicated to the stories and accomplishments of Dan Fouts. From his early days at the UofO, where Nike was in it’s infancy and Bill Bowerman dubbed him “the Oregon Arm,” to his career with the San Diego Chargers where he and long-time coach Don Coryell championed his abilities and turned passing into an offensive play—literally changing the game of football forever. The first floor design direction was rooted in feel of football stadiums, and the upper three floors transitioned into a bright and open studio, where expressions of the brand offered moments of surprise and discovery.